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I Believe this is Buzz...

*Crow* is listed as a "Novel of Note" in the literary industry magazine Quill & Quire, one of 16 books profiled in the Spring Preview!

...and I believe the only words I can find to describe how I feel about this are "Dear Sweet Tap Dancing Jesus, am I ever friggin' excited!" For those who don't know, Quill & Quire is the magazine for the publishing/literary/book hustling biz in Canada. Crow is one of 16 titles named as "among the season's most intriguing novels..." and from what I can gather, I'm the only author based east of Montreal on the list. And the marvellously mysterious cover is shown, which also feels pretty special.

Then, not a few days later, puts out their Most Anticipated: Spring 2019 Preview piece, and low and behold, there's good ol' Crow again, flashing that spiffy cover. Check it out! And hopefully there's still plenty of buzz to come...

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